In a joint venture with QinetiQ, NSC consultancy, and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Bricolage undertook a review of the commercial off-the-shelf and emerging technologies evaluation and exploitation (CETEE) program.


As part of its work of running the CETEE program, Qinetiq commissioned Bricolage to undertake a review of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) text analytics / text mining software.


We researched the field of COTS text analytics and text mining software and prepared a report that


  • summarised the nature of text analytics and text mining
  • provided definitions and explained why it was necessary
  • set out the NLP technologies it was built on
  • explained the types of analyses it enabled, and the outputs that could be derived from it
  • set out the the risks and challenges of implementation
  • detailed the process for data preparation that was required


We also conducted a paper based comparison of the functions and capabilities of a number of available packages and evaluated their relevance and potential efficacy to the field of security and defence.

The report enabled QinetiQ to evaluate the possibilities of implementing text analysis solutions in its projects. It also provided them with an approach that could be used to evaluate the suitability of any particular software package to specific text analytics tasks.


  • Ministry of Defence (ACDS Logistic Operations)
  • Extraction of technical data
  • Intelligence analysis software
  • Information triage
  • Text mining
  • Extraction of financial data
  • Policing software
  • Swansea University
  • Amnesty International ‘Decoding Darfur’