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Capturing data from police interview notes in real time to improve accessibility of information for further use.

ACE is a unit within the Government’s Homeland Security Group tackling public safety and security challenges arising from evolving digital and data technology.


The Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) was seeking proof of concept of the utility of a text markup and analysis tool that could work in real time in a police interview scenario. This would automate the capture of information from handwritten notes as they were created and improve access to valuable data.

Bricolage had successfully developed the ARGA prototype tool to markup real-time text input to documents and emails for DASA.

We adapted the ARGA prototype tool to work in a police interview scenario.The product enabled police interview material to be transcribed and marked up live by machine in partnership with serving police officers.


As well as being part of the overall team developing the specification for the product, Bricolage also had sole responsibility for developing a relevant schema; developing a trial scenario and set of documentation; and carrying out the testing and assessment.


  • Ministry of Defence (ACDS Logistic Operations)
  • Extraction of technical data
  • Intelligence analysis software
  • Information triage
  • Text mining
  • Extraction of financial data
  • Policing software
  • Swansea University
  • Amnesty International ‘Decoding Darfur’